Meet me

Hey there, I'm Hailey! Photographer, wife, mom, ex-teacher, friend, explorer, DIYer, writer, plant fanatic, and tequila lover (to name a few!)

I was born with a soul that craves creativity. What started with drawing turned into painting, which turned into writing, which turned in to photography; a beautiful space where I can combine my love for visual art and storytelling. I love it so much that I quit my career as a public school teacher in 2022 to direct my energy to creating and documenting beautiful moments.

Outside of photography, I am a brand new mama to a beautiful baby girl, Skyler. I am loving all the newborn snuggles and despite sleepless nights, I can't imagine my life any other way. I am new to navigating motherhood, so feel free to share any and all tips you have for raising kind and confident humans!

Whether I am spending time with my family, cooking up a new recipe in my kitchen, or dancing around like a weirdo in a field with you behind my camera lens... I can promise you that I will be HAVING FUN and GIVING IT MY ALL!

Why Gemini Sky?

I named my business Gemini Sky Photography because it represents the person that I am and what I love the most about photography!

Gemini represents the friendships that I form. I truly love the way I am able to talk to anyone! For as long as I can remember, I have thrived in social situations and sought deep connections with the people around me. I love the way that I find friendships and connection with others in almost any environment. Growing up, my zodiac-loving mom always told me that the reason I thrived being with people was because I am a gemini.

Sky represents a connection that we all share. As humans, we are diverse in so many ways. While I think it is beautiful and necessary to embrace what makes us each unique, it is equally as important to focus on what connects us. To me, that connection is represented by the sky above us. No matter where we are, when we look up outside we will see a sky. Your sky will look different than mine, but at the end of the day it is the same blanket that is wrapping and embracing each of us.

The girl who made me a mom

My fur babies

My love